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Dedicate a bottle

The project "dedicate a bottle" creates a link between quality and exclusiviness. It is aimed at those who want to stand out and be unique,
for those who love to walk into a restaurant and knows to be an outstanding customer and be treated in such a way. It is reserved for those who are staying in the suites of the best hotels in the world, and does not want to feel like a normal customer, but as the best above all customers. 
Seeing ones name engraved on a bottle of excellent wine, gives a perception of elite. Making a top client feel that he is important and special, it is the right way to welcome and make him remember who has always known how to treat him as he deserves. Customizing the bottle is the perfect way to make even more exclusive: private parties, weddings, birthdays and special occasions. Permitting to sculpture through time the name of the guest of honours and make the guests feel part of a unique event.

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