It is said vitis apicia, for its intense and sweet scent that attracts bees in the vineyards, the wine Fiano has a rich history, brought to Italy by the Greeks and planted it in Irpinia. It was the wine of kings and emperors for its refined characteristic and structure. In preserving the characteristics of its past, our manufacturing philosophy wants to add them to the typical features of its origin, creating a true blend between territory and flavour. In the constant research for high quality, it is our decision to produce a limited quantity of bottles, to preserve the production from invasive techniques and to manage the wine grapes process as it was once done.
This is the way we have chosen and that led us to "Numero Primo" (Prime number), our first wine, to which we have dedicated a name that represents the essence.
First, because it is the first wine of our company, one that marks the beginning of a series. Numero Primo, the twenty-third , it is one of those special numbers which distinguishes from the others, they are endless, it is them who create the product, they are different, like those we want to give to our clients.

The properties of a wine starts from the pruning, and we have used a technical boost , with less yields and clusters, that increases the quality of the grapes and its alcohol content. In the winemaking of white wine , then, the decision to maintain the grape must in the lees for a longer time, has given our wine longevity and body, in the search for an excellence wine.




Wine: Numero Primo Vintage 2015

Denomination: Fiano DOCG
Variety: Fiano 100%
Vineyard: Montefredane
Method of cultivation: Guyot
Altitude – Exposure: 500mt southest
Planting: 1.50mt x 3mt
Density of vines per acre: 1500 per Ha
Year of plantation: 20
Size: 0,70 Ha
Harvest: September/October
Harvesting method: manual
Wine-making technique: White
Vol.: 13,00

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