We have decided to devote all of our resources in our grandfather’s old vineyard . He deserves it, with all his hard work and dedication he had put in it. Perhaps it’s us that we still do not deserve these plants that produce such an excellent wine .
VentitréFilari of vines ... like in 1923 the year of grandfather Alfonso’s birth.
VentitréFilari of vines ... like those of our vineyard ....

i cugini puorroIt all began on one of the many days of October, in that little vineyard ,when our family would gathered for the wine harvest in the old fashion way, in an atmosphere of serenity and sharing. On those moments we, cousins and above all friends, slowly rediscover the same spirit as that of our grandfather’s, a traditional farmer who has always worked with passion and dedication .
In the respect of these ideals, traditions of the local territory and of nature, our company produces a DOCG Fiano of high quality, choosing to produce only a few bottles but to do it with care and attention to details.
The whole process is carried out by handcraft with great care. Even the way that the grapes are carefully placed in the containers, when they are cut from the plants, is very important. A few moments of attention and kindness avoids bruising the grapes. The wine in the bottle will be always gratefull to the kindness received with an intense fragrance and a highly refined taste.


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